Reliable Sliding Bearing with long service life

Short Description:

Applicable conditions of plain bearings:

  • Suitable for static and dynamic overloads
  • Multidirectional motion
  • Allowable misalignment
  • Basically eliminate the marginal stress and excessive stress of adjacent components
  • Allowable deformation of surrounding parts during operation
  • Large manufacturing tolerances are allowed, and low-cost welded components can be used

Product Detail

Product Tags


1. Mining
2. Construction equipment
3. Agricultural
4. Forestry machinery,
5. Forklifts
6. Solar energy equipment. ​

Main Materials

  • 40Cr
  • 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly Steel
  • 4340 Heat Treated Chromoly Steel
  • 300M

Surface Treatment

1.Sand Blast

2.Silver Zinc

3.Yellow Zinc

4.Black Zinc

5.Chrome Finish


7.We  can also manufacture  plain bearing as your sample or drawings.

Why Choose Us



We can fully comply with your drawing requirements. According to your work envoronment, our technical engineer also will provide you with professional technical advice, so as to give you a practical bearing.


Suitable Lubrication

Our bearing's life is longer than others because of  first-class grease and oil.We use  premium grease  to help improve performance and extend life of our bearing, reduces torque and temperature, enables greater bearing roller traction, enhances protection against wear, rust, and contamination.

100% Quality Control

Key detection equipment name Qty Key detection equipment name Qty
Spectrometer 1         Ultrasonic Defect Detector 1
3D Measuring tester 1 Intelligent Non-Destructive Separation 1
Project 2sets 2 Rockwell Hardness of The Entire TH320 5
      Test Machine For Tensile and Strength 2             Roundness Test Machine 1
Bearing Life Tester 1                Salt Spray Tester 1
               Metallographic Microscope 2             Welding Seam Testing Machine 1
            Magnetic Test Machine 1 Micrometer and Gauge Many sets
        Fluorescent Magnetic Powder Detector 1 Coating Thickness Tester 1

How to Select Size


Load Direction

Radial load

Axial load

Combined (axial and radial) loads

Load Type

Dynamic load, that is, there is relative sliding in the load bearing

Static load, i.e. no relative sliding in the loaded bearing

Loading conditions

Constant load, that is, the direction of load action is unchanged, and a part of the bearing (load area) is always under this load

Alternating load, that is, the changing load direction, makes the load area at the opposite position in the bearing in the alternating load and unloading.

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