Wear Resistant and Practical Standard Spherical Roller Bearing

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HC  CHC(51)_0


  • Stamped steel plate reinforced cage
  • Stamped steel plate cage
  • Glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cage
  • Machined brass two-piece cage
  • Machined brass integral cage
  • Stamped steel plate cage for vibration occasions

Why Choose Us


Strict Temperature Control

The allowable working temperature of spherical roller bearings  depend on the dimensional stability of bearing rings, seals and lubricants. When the temperature exceeds the allowable range, our engineers will give you professional technical advice.


No Overburn

With more than 20 years of professional production, TONGBAO has well controlled the speed of the grinder, and the bearings it produced have never been burned. Based on 31 manufacturing and testing machines such as Automatic Super Finishing Machine, Ultrasonic Defect Detector, you will never get overburn bearing inner ring from TONGBAO.


Appropriate Design

We use precision steel balls makes the tolerance of our bearing is smaller, the speed is higher and the noise is lower. Our bearings are about to be heavier than others because of the thick steel retainer, inner and outer race.

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